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Make our imagination a reality

October 15, 2008

Imagine if we could stop dangerous climate change by acting together.  Individually, locally, nationally and globally.

Imagine if we could stop dangerous climate change by throwing age, background, nationality and gender out of the window.

Imagine if we could stop dangerous climate change by empowering ourselves and standing up for what is right.

The politicians, businesses, and polluters would have to listen.

Imagine what we could achieve.

Ben’s one guy doing a lot of imagining and empowering. Check out his video – young people are already standing up for what is right and sharing this with the world.  The more who do, people will have no choice but to follow.


De-squashing my confidence

October 13, 2008

Everyday I walk through through the Plaza Mayor to wherever I choose to go.  I sat there the other day in the sun with Nathan, (a climate camp friend who is facing a court case for his peaceful protest against Kingsnorth), eating grapes.  This is one of the best things about Spain.  It’s sunny and you can sit.  The sun has contributed immensely to my happiness levels.  At this rate, I might not make it back to England.

I’m back to blog from my month of re-orientation.  Now based in Madrid, Casper has been holding the UK YCC fort with strength to be admired.  And there’s lots of news to be shared in due blog posts.

Madrid has been about finding a home – a home to change the world from; finding amigos (I’ll tell you about the inspirational people I’ve met in due-course); attempting to hold debates about the beauty of being a vegetarian (going on vegan) and bio-fuels IN SPANISH (believe me, it’s not easy); adapting to Spanish time and culture; indulging in home-made churros; and trying to crack the Spanish ‘rr’ in words like “guerra” (war).  It’s just not possible.  Oh, and trying to at least get past ‘hola’ before true Madrileños know I’m English.  It always squashes the confidence a wee bit.

It’s now operation integration stage 2.  It’s about finding a support network.  And fundraising for the UK Youth Delegation to Poznan training weekend.  This freaks me out a little bit.  Charity fundraising action does not seem to be so hot here in Spain.  Well we’ll just have to change that.  Anna (super-food goddess and Latvian friend) is going to help me fundraise by selling fresh juice at uni.  A bit of yummy, healthy, brain food never will be a cool alternative to those copious amounts of cafe con leche.  Admittedly, I’m trying to wean myself off it too.