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Time to move on – 21st century transport!

February 16, 2009

The frankly irresponsible government decision to build a third runway this January, has evoked a movement of people to say this is not ok.  Causing much controversy, the airport expansion plan is uniting residents, activists and politicians alike.  It’s actually wonderful to see and be part of.

Already we’ve seen Climate Rush and Air Plot bring the issue to the forefront and if I were in the UK, right now Thursday 19th February would be a key date in my diary for next week.  Not letting the issue be swept under the carpet, groups will be meeting again at 5.30-7.30pm, opposite Downing Street (Westminster Tube), to keep their vision for 21st century transport on the agenda.

Speakers will include John Mcdonnell MP, Susan Kramer MP, Jean Lambert MEP 

21st century transport.  Yes, I really like the sound of that.

P.S. Read more about previous Heathrow protests here.




Sexy new newsletter – February 2009

February 8, 2009


image0031Issue 5, February 2008

The Newsletter of the UK Youth Climate Coalition

Dear Friends of the UK Youth Climate Coalition,

We don’t know about you, but the Big Freeze has been the best thing about this winter so far! So we hope that the papers will stop going on about how much the snow has cost the economy… We think a mass snowball fight between all those depressed men in suits would help them realise the brilliance of our new winter wonderland!

Thankfully we’ve added some new talent to the team, so that if we ever get caught by snowball-surprise, we’ve got a few extra pairs of mittened-hands at the ready..

New Faces

Guppi, our resident expert in snow diplomacy will be working hard on engaging organisations and building a strong coalition membership base. Meanwhile, Kirsty has practically perfect aim (she’s not known as Poppins for nothing!), Anna uses her booming laugh to distract the opposition and Lizzie will finish them off with a lovingly-baked snow pie. All three are going to be working to create the most effective, diverse and successful Youth Delegation to the UN – ever! Applications to join the delegation will open after Easter – so keep your eyes peeled.

Shifting The Power in 2009

To recruit the best team ever for Power Shift 2009, Kate got out her digital camera…

View Recruitment Video

Visit the application site for all the details. We’re going to ensure that Power Shift is going to put our generational vision on the map – a clean and just future for us all. This event is going to be massive, so pass the link on to any friends you think might be up for organising the country’s largest youth climate summit ever – and the best eight months of their life!

(Y)Our Opportunity!

Since our work in Poznan, European youth are beginning to really pull together to ensure that the EU leads the world in improving our energy production. From March 10-12, the city of Copenhagen will host young people from all over the continent to learn how they can play a leading role in pushing this forward. We are looking for 25 motivated young people to take to the conference, and get this – all overland travel and accommodation expenses will be paid! Visit the Our Opportunity website for more details, and email Matt ( to apply.


  • Fancy a little bit of GreenFinger action? UKYCC has been working with universities and organisations such as Oxfam to keep spreading the creative Green Finger action. What’s yours?
  • How about some summer intimacy with your saddle and handle-bars – apply to go on an Otesha Cycle Tour!
  • The most exciting film of the year is coming to our cinemas soon! Check out the trailer for The Age of Stupid, and sign up to their updates!

Until next month,


(Anna, Ben, Casper, Emma, Guppi, Kate, Kirsty, Lizzie and Matt)


P.S. The closing date for Power Shift applications is spooky Friday 13th March!

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Backstreet Boys + turbines = HOT.

February 1, 2009

Need I say more?  (From 3 mins in…)